Where Freshness and Flavor Meet

The menu of Maguro Spot presents an array of delectable poke bowls that embody freshness, flavor, and nutrition. Elevating the traditional Hawaiian dish, the culinary haven offers a diverse selection to satisfy all palates and dietary preferences.

Make Your Original Poke Bowl

Our poke bowls not only entice the taste buds but also promote a healthy lifestyle. Each bowl features a nourishing base of nutrient-rich mixed greens or sushi rice. Customization is key, with an array of fresh toppings like avocados, cucumbers, edamame, seaweed, and pickled ginger. These vibrant ingredients not only add visual appeal but also provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

To cater to protein enthusiasts, Maguro Spot offers additional options like tofu, shrimp, or salmon alongside the maguro. This allows diners to create a personalized bowl that caters to the unique taste preferences and dietary needs.

Special & Shave Ice

Apart from customization options, they provide a wide array of special dishes to satisfy diverse tastes. Each bowl is thoughtfully crafted, offering a perfect balance of exquisite flavors while prioritizing high nutritional content. And don’t forget to treat yourself to the signature Shave Ice, a refreshing and delightful way to end your meal.

Whether you’re a poke aficionado or new to this tantalizing dish, Maguro Spot’s poke bowls offer a delicious and wholesome alternative. Delight in the vibrant flavors, savor the freshness of the ingredients and indulge in a meal that nourishes your body and invigorates your senses.